Hallfield School Edgbaston

One lesson we’ve learned over the years is that the characteristics which make a good website don’t really change between sectors. Indeed, I believe that some of the core objectives of a school website are the same as they are for most other websites. It needs to look good, be easy to use and navigate, and should have a good content management system for easy updates. It should be responsive to platform, displaying on everything from smartphone to desktop PC, and be optimised for search engines.

I am aware that many schools engage one of the several web development companies that specialise in the education sector. One of the downsides of this is, I believe, that many school websites look very similar. I believe that we offer the best of both worlds. We have a wealth of experience across different sectors and fresh design ideas, but, in addition, we have experience and understanding of the education sector.

We have very recently completed a site for Hallfield School Edgbaston. There has already been some great feedback from school governors and parents, and I hope you’ll agree with them that the result looks and feels great: www.hallfieldschool.co.uk.

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