Content Management Systems (CMS)

A great number of businesses are generally too busy to constantly maintain and update their website, especially if in order to edit the website they have to navigate an overly-complicated system. Our Coventry web design team are able to provide and advise you on which content management system is perfect for you and your business.

What are Content Management Systems(CMS)?

Content management systems, commonly known as CMS, are applications that allow easy modification on a website; as well as other features such as: publishing, editing, deleting and organizing.

Content Management Systems (CMS) are practical ways of enabling the easy updating of websites which can still be exciting and creative, which can also be done by anyone (not just website developers). We understand that however exciting they might be, websites also need to be usable by our clients.

A CMS website is highly versatile as it can be used for a variety of site types; such as blogs, news articles or even eCommerce sites. Any type of website can be a CMS website and our Coventry team can advise you on which content management system is best for your website.

Popular Content Management Systems (CMS) include…

  • WordPress – used by BBC America, Sony Music, MTV, eBay Inc. and many others…
  • Joomla – used by Harvard University, Linux, The Fashion Spot and many others…
  • Drupal – used by Virgin, Prince of Wales, Treasure Explorer and many others…
  • Umbraco – used by ABBA, Warner Bros, Take That, Wired and many others…

Contact Image Plus for Content Management Systems (CMS)

If you’re looking for CMS & Web design in Coventry or West Midlands, then look no further. We can understand your business and your needs in order to incorporate the most suitable CMS to maximise your website management efficiency.

Your website needs to change as much as the world does. Prices, products and details can alter quickly and without warning – and our Coventry team’s content management systems options allow you to react quickly. A CMS makes your website as responsive as you are.

All our Content Management System accounts are managed from our Coventry office – so get in touch today and ask our team of experts based in Coventry, West Midlands about your CMS and website management requirements.

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