website hosting

Image+ has a number of dedicated servers and Virtual Private Servers – this means that we can host your website on the most suitable platform. For example we have one server configured just for hosting ecommerce websites and another for hosting CMS websites. All of our servers offer resilient, reliable and fast hosting services. Image+ offers a range of hosting packages tailored to the needs of our clients.

Domain Name Management
Image+ can provide full management and control of domain names including:

  • Domain Name registration and renewal
  • DNS hosting
  • Managing DNS records

FTP File Share and Storage
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is ideal when you want to share larger files that are not easy to send by email. We have two FTP options. Firstly, a basic FTP application which enables you to quickly and easily transfer files. There is no equipment to manage, no software required, just instant secure file management. Secondly, a complete web based document management system that allows you to manage and control any file that you want. Some features include:

  • Unlimited Sections / Categories / Sub Categories / User Groups
  • Branded for your organisation
  • Email Subscriptions / update notifications for categories & sections
  • Zip files for easy download
  • User Access control: Sections, Categories, Sub Categories and individual files
  • Access control on a group by group basis
  • Set date permissions for categories / files to become active in the future
  • Date permissions can be different for different user groups
  • News feeds and automatic news generation