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5 Ways to Improve Your Landing Page Conversions

30th May 2018

Improving your landing page conversion rate is perhaps the single most important thing you can do to enhance your business’s performance online. Imagine a physical shop that was so uninspiring that, upon entering it, shoppers almost immediately left – and certainly never purchased anything. That shop wouldn’t last long, right?

You should think of your website in the same way.

Your landing page is the first block of content visitors will see when arriving at your page. It might be your homepage, or it might be a specific area of your site set up to receive specific traffic from a particular ad or email offer; whatever its precise composition, its purpose is simple: to encourage your visitors to enter your sales funnel.

Amazingly, many landing pages simply don’t do this job as well as they might. Businesses focus on great search engine optimisation, but forget that, once all those new visitors arrive, the work isn’t over: your site still needs to put its best foot forward and convince customers to engage.

Try these tips to grab your users and not let go!


Keep a clean layout. A cluttered layout will simply drive users away from your site. To convince your visitors, and then direct them appropriately, you need to make your calls to action – and your steps to purchase – clear and easy to understand. Your text and images should come together logically to emphasize each other and make next steps plain.

Consider your Above-The-Fold content. “Above-the-fold” is a phrase from newspapers: broadsheet-style papers appear on shelves folded, and so it’s only the content in the top half of any front page that is visible on newsstand shelves – and therefore which contributes most to sales. Likewise, the first slices of content that appear on the opening screen of a website make-or-break: they need to engage users … and keep them engaged.

Consider your language. Your copy is important – it needs to be accessible and authoritative without being hectoring. People visiting your website want to know what your product or service can do for them. Consider teaching them about your product rather than selling it to them as this allows you to build trust. Inform and entertain – the hard-sell is a turn-off.

Use social integration. Make the most of your customers’ enthusiasm for their own networks. Integrating social media on your website allows your users to share your products or services with their friends and family – and that increases everyone’s interest in your business. Provide something useful – a download or a video – that people will want to share.

Use stats on your landing page. There may lies, damned lies, and statistics – but numbers matter. Meaningful statistics are powerful proof of your customer’s satisfaction with your product or service – and your users will respond accordingly. Using your numbers responsibly in this way can build further trust with customers from the off.

First impressions matter. So think hard about these five ways to improve your landing page conversions.


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