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Digital Democracy: Putting Politics Online

4th July 2018

Matt Western’s promise on his election literature was clear: ““I will work with all constituents to improve our community and not be afraid to speak out on your behalf.” It helped win him the Parliamentary constituency of Leamington and Warwick in the 2017 General Election. Funny this is, it’s now more or less our motto for working with him.

The win for Labour in the constituency, which neighbours our home city of Coventry, was something of a political earthquake: leafy Leamington had last been coloured red on the electoral map during the days of Tony Blair. Matt Western winning the seat was one of the moments that signalled the 2017 General Election was going quite according to plan for the Conservative Prime Minister who had called it.

We’re running to keep up with the changing political weather now: Matt, who used to work at one of our automotive clients, Peugeot, got in touch with us to ask if we’d be interested in building his website for him. In other words, we’ll be working with him to improve his communication, and in so doing will not be afraid to speak out on his behalf.

See? Seamless stuff.

To be serious for a moment, as Matt deserves: the design of every website, of course, is dictated by its purpose. Of course, a site’s messaging and methods must match its audience; but, just as crucially, a site should match the individual, company or brand whom it seeks to represent.

An MP’s website is primarily a channel of communication. It should provide information, of course, but also offer as many ways as possible to interact with your elected representative.

Websites are perfectly capable of being tools of two-way interaction – they can incorporate social media, video, chat functions and more. Ten years ago, MPs keeping a blog was seen as innovative and unusual; today, those few MPs who still haven’t signed up to Twitter are very much the exception.

What next? How we conduct politics – where and in what ways – have already been changed a great deal by web technology.

There’s a lot of talk in political circles about “digital democracy” – forms of government which utilise the power of contemporary technology to open up and out our politics. This is a much wider project, of course, than a single website for a solitary MP … but innovation is happening everywhere, and always starts somewhere! We’re excited to start building some that can help Matt serve his constituents.

Keep your eyes peeled for Matt’s new website in the near future … especially if you live in the Leamington and Warwick Parliamentary constituency!

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