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Improving e-Commerce Product Page Design

30th October 2018

On any ecommerce website, it is the product pages that are the most important. Yes, the homepage is key; and, sure, other content plays its part. But it is the pages which focus on the specific products you are trying to sell to your visitors where the real magic happens.

Product pages need to be easy to find, informative to the user and – most importantly from your perspective – compelling and convincing. Their key role, of course, is to convert users into customers. First and foremost, they need to persuade people to buy. If they fail to do this, you may as well close down your ecommerce site!

It’s not necessarily difficult to create an ecommerce product page design that leads a user more reliably towards making a purchase. But successfully doing so involves a lot of moving parts, and you’ll need to consider more than one factor. We’d suggest five key elements that need to be part of your ecommerce product page design if you intend to convert those eyeballs into sales.


Clear Call To Action.

One of the most important parts of any product page is the Call to Action (CTA), such as the ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Add to Basket’ button. CTAs are the design elements which drive customers to move through your funnel in order to convert. Consider your layout carefully and ensure it grabs the user’s attention, with colours that stand out – focus on the sales pathway.

Clear Breadcrumbs.

Breadcrumbs are the navigational elements of a page which enable users to go orient themselves. Clear breadcrumb trails are very important for ecommerce websites, especially if the website has multiple categories and sub-categories. Breadcrumbs do not require a lot of space but can improve usability and engagement – ultimately improving conversions.

Make the Price Visible.

Let’s talk turkey: ultimately, price matters and you should be up-front about that. One of the biggest barriers to converting users into purchasers is not making the price sufficiently visible. Giving this information prominent, so your visitors don’t waste time, will help improve usability. If you have any discounts on offer, then you should also make those clear!

Keep Product Descriptions Short.

Many people tend to just skim through the content to get the information they need. Pages with heavy amounts of content can be off-putting for customers. It’s important to provide only the critical information – and to do so in a manner that is clear, visible, and concise. People want to know what they’re buying, but they also want to get to the point quickly.

Add User Reviews.

Social proof is a powerful tool, especially for ecommerce websites. Product reviews are valuable and you will see that most ecommerce websites have support for this feature. We listen to our peers more than we do to marketers … and that makes the feedback of your previous customers a really powerful tool in converting sales prospects.

Congratulations! You now know how to convert more users into buyers: simply consider these five elements of every successful ecommerce product page design.


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