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Getting Back Down to Business, On Top of Snowdon

5th October 2021

From the moment we stepped onto the coach we were asking ourselves ‘Why on earth did we agree to do this?’, knowing that we were in for an interesting day to say the least.

We’ve all been doing our best to make space for exercise. Still, we can always do more – and this is what the Image+ team decided to do a few weeks ago when as a group we climbed Snowdon. Our four-day week allowed us to do this, with more time to visit the gym and daily walks to prepare for the climb.

Now we’re all back in the office together as a team. We took the opportunity to relaunch our branding, taking 21,300 steps together across 16.2km to launch for our new logo, for the first time from the summit of Snowdon.

All in, we took four hours and fifty minutes to achieve our goal. We took the Pyg track on the ascent, this track is known for being the classic track for tourists with 800m of ascent. Our descent was the historical Miner’s Track, which was built to serve the Britannia Copper Mine on Snowdon, however it is the not the original route that miners used for moving copper.

The weather wasn’t what we anticipated, not even our waterproof gear could protect us from the rain pouring down on us (but at least most of us made it back down the right route). This also meant we didn’t get the views we were hoping for once we reached the summit. We didn’t make it easy or pleasant for ourselves.

But we did complete the task, and we did it together. Most importantly, we got our bodies properly working again – we recommend it, to teams of all kinds. Get out there again, and get the blood flowing again! It’ll make you work better.

In fact, we’re already planning our return trip and this time, we’ll be trying to complete one of the complexroutes. Keep stretching yourselves, after so long indoors, there is nothing quite like feeling achievement of reaching the summit.

Give us a call about the work you need to take you into 2022. We promise we won’t drag you up Snowdon.

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