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Christmas Opening Times

23rd December 2020

Christmas is almost here, and preparations are underway in the office. We’ve compiled a list of our Christmas opening times so you know when you can reach us:

Date Opening Times
25th December CLOSED
28th December CLOSED
29-31st December OPEN 9-5pm
1st January CLOSED
2nd January Business as usual


We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



25 Years of Image Plus – Interview with Alan Hartin

5th August 2020

This year is a big one for us all at Image+. No, it’s not because we get to work from home in our PJs – although this has been a dream come true for some. The reason is that we are celebrating our 25th birthday!

Yes, that’s right. The big two-five.

And although it has been somewhat different from what we had planned due to the lockdown, it has given us a chance to reflect on all the successes and obstacles over the years and appreciate how far we have come. This has been especially true for the founder and managing director Alan Hartin who has kindly agreed to share his insights with us all. Take a look below…

So Alan, is this where you imagined your company to be 25 years ago?

Having originally set-up the company in partnership with a friend in Nottingham, where I then lived, I thought that’s where the business would always be based. But about a year into the business, circumstances had changed. I had to move from Nottingham to Leamington Spa for my wife’s work. Because of that, sadly, my friend and I decided it was best if I ‘went it alone’. So, no. I couldn’t have imagined having an office in Coventry with a brilliant team of twenty designers and developers. I certainly couldn’t have imagined – as is the case today – having an empty office in Coventry with the whole team working from home and having meetings via the internet (which obviously wouldn’t have been a possibility 25 years ago)!

Also, setting up a business with no customers, no prospects and only a few ideas, I was only hoping that the business would still be going in 25 months – if that!

What was the riskiest business move and did it pay off?

The riskiest move was definitely setting the business up and – without a question – it has paid off.

What are your top 3 highlights?

In no particular order…

After a few years of working from home – then renting small office units – moving into our first office at Electric Wharf, in Coventry, was definitely a highlight and a turning point for the business.

Employing apprentices. We took on our first apprentice Ryan around seven years ago. Since then, we have recruited seven more apprentices. All of them are still with us – Ryan is now a senior developer – and they are all developing, growing and adding huge value to our team.

Providing a positive working environment for young, talented people to grow and excel in. I get a great sense of pride each time one of the team drives into work in their first car or shows me photos of their first house. They have achieved these things because they are talented and hardworking individuals. It’s just rewarding, knowing that working for Image+ has given them the environment and opportunity to achieve all these milestones.

Where do you see the company in the next 25 years?

I believe most businesses have started to realise the benefits that can be gained by replacing information being filled in on paper with collecting and processing data via an App. And with Covid-19, I believe this is happening and will continue to happen at a quicker pace. Given our experience in this area, I believe the future of the business is very bright. In 25 years time, I’d love to think that several of the existing team are still working for and running the business. Personally, in 25 years time – if I manage to reach 80 years old – I’d love to be playing golf on Portrush Golf course. Or failing that, having a pint of Guinness in the Harbour Bar in Portrush.

Image+ Timeline:

timeline of all the milestones at Image+



Moving In Virtuous Circles: Co-Working With Other Agencies

11th December 2019

Co-working has always been at the heart of what we do at Image+. Conversation simply powers how we do things. We talk with our clients about their needs, and with each other about solutions. Working together is how we get stuff done – and achieve the best possible results.

So it makes all sorts of sense that we’ve extended this approach to co-operating with two other agencies. The fact that both of our new partners are based just hundreds of yards away from us just makes it an even bigger no-brainer.

Advent Communications and Jade Studio sit at the side of Coventry Canal just like we do. And we align in more ways than one: Advent is a PR and media agency, and Jade a graphic design firm. Their complementary skill-sets have obvious applications in our own work. When we first got talking with them we wondered why we hadn’t made the connection before!

The truth is that, despite having offices more or less next-door to each other, it took the local Chamber of Commerce to bring us together. Anyone who runs a business will know how important networking of this sort can be. In the thick of delivery, sometimes you really can miss great opportunities that are right under your nose.

Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce’s “Trade Local” scheme is designed to bring the region’s firms together in smarter ways – and in our case, it’s done just that. At Image+, we’ve been going through a period of growth recently. We’ve always been a firm with a real commitment to our city, and being able to share our success with other local businesses is brilliant.

By working together, we’ve each instantly expanded the services and skills base we can offer all of our clients three-fold. From Advents communications expertise to Jade’s gorgeous designs, we know that Image+ clients will benefit hugely from this new relationship.

Adam, Advent’s MD, puts it particularly well: “When there is such knowledge, expertise and creativity on your doorstep, it’s absolutely ideal.” (He says the nicest things.)

It’s true that working with other companies can often be a pain if you’re not also co-located with them – there’s always a lag in communication. But with Advent and Jade, we can pop over to their office in a matter of seconds for a chat. And not just because they tend to have good biscuits.

In other words, local collaboration like this helps us serve our clients better. And good conversation with like-minded companies keeps us sharp, too. It’s a virtuous – and valuable – circle.

Want to know more? Give us a call – we can have a conversation.


Contact Image Plus for Web Design & Development

If you need web design or development, then speak to our friendly experts. Our web developers are based in Coventry, Warwickshire and are always ready to help. Please feel free to contact us and speak to one of our website design specialists.

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Image+ launches The Wave

6th December 2019

Adding to our ongoing success was the recent launch of a brand-new and sleek web design for The Wave. 

Over the past few months we have been working with CV Life to launch a captivating new website for The Wave. This was not the first project that we worked on with CV Life. We have previously created a website for their Mana Spa– a spa in the heart of The Wave– and we have just launched CV Life’s main webpage. Hence, we are over the moon with this flourishing partnership that we have developed. 

Aman Surey, CV Life’s own Marketing and Communications Manager (pictured above, in the middle),  said that The Wave’s new website is “attractive and intuitive”. According to Aman, the new design has been instrumental to The Wave’s launch success, with most of their sessions becoming “sold out” within the first week. 

The key to this particular website’s success lies in its simple but effective design structure. Our mobile optimised version allows the user easy access from all types of devices. Moreover, its “streamlined booking system” allows the user to book a session without having to register first. As a result, it is “much more likely for visitors to The Wave to book again”.

The impact of our impressive design has been recognised by various organisational bodies, including Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce. They published a wonderful coverage from The Wave’s website launch. You can it read here.


Contact Image Plus for Web Design & Development

If you need web design or development, then speak to our friendly experts. Our web developers are based in Coventry, Warwickshire and are always ready to help. Please feel free to contact us and speak to one of our website design specialists.

Contact us on 024 7683 4780 or send us an email at


Image+ Hosts Macmillan Coffee Morning

8th October 2019

Designing websites and developing mobile apps can be thirsty work. That’s why we admit to being partial to a good coffee here at Image+ Towers. And it’s even better when a cup of joe can help a good cause, as well!

On Friday 27th September, we hosted a Macmillan Coffee Morning at our Electric Wharf HQ in Coventry. We’ve often built websites for charity, and trying to give something back is a big part of what we like to do as a business – this seemed a great way to do it.

Macmillan coffee mornings offer an ideal opportunity to raise some money for a fantastic cause. But, they also give businesses like ours the opportunity to invite some of our clients over to the office and get to know them a bit better over a cuppa and a piece of cake. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Last year, Macmillan coffee mornings have raised more than £26 million for this fantastic charity. That alone is evidence enough that they’re a superb idea. This year, 27th September was the date for the country’s biggest coffee morning – and we were proud to do our bit!

We served coffee and tea, of course, but also chocolate brownies (very popular, it has to be said!), carrot cake and much more. Image+ staff baked many of the treats on offer. Thus, coffee mornings are also a great way to test out your colleagues’ kitchen skills!

One in two of us will face cancer at some time in our lives, which makes Macmillan a charity for everyone … it only makes sense to contribute. The first coffee morning was held in 1990, and since then events across the country have raised in excess of £200 million.

We’re happy to have become part of that long tradition, and have made our donation to Macmillan with pride! Plus, if anyone needs a great recipe for chocolate brownies …


Contact Image Plus for Web Design & Development

If you need web design or development, then speak to our friendly experts. Our web developers are based in Coventry, Warwickshire and are always ready to help. Please feel free to contact us and speak to one of our website design specialists.

Contact us on 024 7683 4780 or send us an email at


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