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Good Egg

21st May 2020

The ‘Good Egg’ project is one of our more noble feats. It consists of a combination of elements including a website, CMS back-end system, and both web and mobile apps.

Essentially, it is a volunteer app which was specifically developed as a donation to ‘The Covid-19 Warwick and Leamington Mutual Aid Group’, to help with their community support efforts during COVID-19 crisis.  It replaced numerous tools used by the group to help vulnerable people in their community.


Good Egg features are perhaps best described starting from the website which offers three distinct options: app download, request help and user login. Its fun design and simplicity are key to user retention but also to avoiding confusion and decision fatigue. And it makes it especially mobile-friendly.

Both Apple iOS or Android device users can download the app. That is a big majority of mobile or tablet users.

Once verified, Good Egg sends job requests to volunteers via push notifications based on their proximity to a job. These requests are intelligently filtered, ensuring that the closest volunteers to a specific job are offered it first. If the job isn’t accepted, the radius extends to the next closest volunteers.

After completion, volunteers can leave an attached note informing of the job status. This lets coordinators know if the remainder of the job needs to be reassigned to another volunteer.

Each registered user can access the app either through the web app or the mobile app. But there are limits to what they can access according to their user status. Admins have the most authority and so they can verify new volunteers, manage jobs and coordinators. Coordinators can manage and post jobs, and volunteers can accept job requests and view specific job details.

On the flip side, members of the general public can fill out the web-based form to request help. After providing their details, coordinators can post a corresponding job to the job board ready for a volunteer to accept.

Fun Fact

The app was developed by our Apps Plus developers during their Easter holidays. And so, it was rightfully named Good Egg – in honour of the charitable spirit, as well as the time of the year!

Good design is considerate.


Baker & Co

16th February 2018

For a surveyor, any site is a treasure trove of information. The app we developed for Baker & Co provided a simple, intuitive means to identify and record every salient item and datapoint. The app enables users to take photographs, mark them appropriately, and annotate each image in order to highlight issues and areas of interest. Interactive and intuitive, the app is like a clipboard – only better.
The app ensures that every survey becomes consistent across the organisation – because the app controls the format in which information is recorded, stored and communicated. With all data stored and searchable in the app’s back-end system, the company’s surveys have become more usable – and useful – than ever. In general, surveyors have much less writing to do – making them more productive and freeing them up for what they’re really good at.

Good design frees you up to do the good stuff.



16th February 2018

Image+ has been providing Hammonds with web, digital media and print solutions for years now. Our work has included the development of an Intranet; a file management solution; several customer web portals; an online shop for home furniture, furnishings and accessories; an online bedroom order processing solution; electronic brochures and many printed materials.

Hammonds offers kitchens which are precisely fitted to a customer’s home. The bespoke furniture and fittings Hammonds provides are known for their quality, and the company is renowned for designing wall-to-wall kitchens that bestow a real “wow” factor on a home. Their digital resources need to be just as impressive, and similarly focused on customer needs: their app, for instance, transformed a time-consuming, form-filled ordering process into one which took up just a few moments, and was logged with the fitters instantly.

Good design, in other words, matches and enhances an existing brand.



16th February 2018

When you manage a commercial fleet as large as Fraikin’s, keeping track of all your data is essential – but can be tought. Fraikin offers fleet management and contract hire and rental; coupled with all the associated support services, that means there’s a lot of vehicles to log and manage. Fraikin are experts in this, of course – but a bit of digital help is never unwelcome.

We developed a fully-functioning fleet optimisation app that is accessible by customers, suppliers and staff. It offers live data relating to vehicle defects and breakdowns, service histories, maintenance work and fleet scheduling – all in one place and in real time. The app replaced complex paper systems which were difficult to keep updated – the app, by contrast, makes keeping track of vehicles, and managing fleets, easy.

Good design makes your data work for you.


Mozzo Coffee

16th February 2018

Mozzo coffee isn’t your average bean roaster. They source some of the finest coffees available, roasting them all expertly and then distributing them to some of the UK’s best hospitality venues and businesses. When they provide their coffee, however, they don’t simply walk away: rather, they return to a client’s site regularly, sometimes as often as once a month, to check their machines and ensure baristas are extracting the best cup of joe possible.

That attention to detail means two things for their digital presence: one, their website needs to look sharp and clean, but also playful and interesting (just like their coffee); two, they needed a clever digital means of tracking all those inspections. That’s where our app designers came in: we put together an app which Mozzo’s inspectors now use to record all of the many measurements they take on a site visit, but which can also track performance during the intervening weeks. This data is gathered together centrally and analysed thoroughly to improve the Mozzo experience even further.

Good design doesn’t sit to one side of the “real” world – it’s part of it. Mozzo’s app and website are at the beating heart of their business.

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