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Co-operative Funeral Care Brochure Design

2nd September 2020

Co-operative Funeral Care is one of the services run by Heart of England Co-operative Society. The society was established in 1844 with the aim to create a more democratic and socially-oriented operational model with all services run by its consumers. This was believed to align the welfare of the organisation with community values and promote equality throughout.

Almost 200 years on, community welfare and mutual respect are still at the forefront of the society’s priorities and services. This includes the local Co-operative Funeral Care in Coventry, which aims to take care of deceased community members and those closest to them with utmost respect and transparency. We did our best to preserve this holistic and honest approach when redesigning their resources: ensuring that the graphic design work we produced dealt appropriately with the sensitivity of the subject matter.

Our work comprised of an A4 brochure, an application form, a pocket folder and an A5 insert, with all pieces featuring a coherent lilac-blue design.


Brindley Twist Tafft & James Medical Negligence Brochure

26th May 2020
Solicitors at BTTJ Medical Negligence provide their clients with a trustworthy and empathetic legal service. They are there for those who have been unfairly treated during the course of their medical treatment. As such, they often deal with sensitive issues and need to reassure their clients of their loyalty and trustworthiness.


And these exact qualities are emphasised by the carefully selected blend of colours and shapes used for their A5 Laminated Silk brochure. The simple and minimalistic design – used for the Matt Laminated cover – paired with the grey and white dominating colours, speaks complete transparency. The corporate blue symbolises BTTJ’s professionalism, whilst the splash of green accentuates the firm’s human and personable edge.

Good design is simple.


Brown Cow

16th February 2018

Sometimes, the simplest design is the hardest to get right. Sometimes, there’s a lot of pressure there, too: Brown Cow Films Limited is owned by actor James Nesbitt. Our managing director, Alan, went to school with Jimmy – and they’ve been best mates for many years. (What can we say? We like to namedrop.)

Jimmy gave us one of our simplest design briefs ever: “I want a simple logo of a cow that’s brown.” That’s where the creativity came in. We put together from that briefest of briefs a striking, recognisable and memorable brand identity. The logo will be used by the sports stars sponsored by Brown Cow Films – so putting together a simple design that also made an impact was key.

Good design gets your brand moo-ving. (Sorry.)


Salvation Army

16th February 2018

SISTAD is the Salvation Army’s training and development arm: based at William Booth College in London, SISTAD provides short and accredited courses in all sorts of areas, from skills training to reflective practice. Their website needed to contain all this information and more, offering an easy way to review the suite of courses available – and book a place on one.

Prior to the website, SISTAD had a yearly professional brochure designed and printed. As soon as the brochures were printed, however, information could be out of date – and there’s no way of knowing from a brochure which courses are fully booked by the time you read about them. Our website solved all those problems – and cut down on printing costs, too.

Good design is practical. Click through the SISTAD calendar to see how. 


Tottie Milner

19th August 2020

Tottie Milner is no ordinary fitness instructor: she is a body engineer. To her, bodies require the same care and maintenance as cars do – if not more. That is the hands-on approach she’s been opting for in her work as an instructor and coach since the 80s.

When designing her brand and website we wanted to reflect the rejuvenating nature of her work. The pink and orange tones on the logo emphasise this. As does the incorporated barbell element which also shows fitness being consistently incorporated into one’s lifestyle – so much so that it becomes part of one’s identity. Together the elements carry the message that hard work and consistency are the core drivers of success. Just like the success of our designs.


CHU Connect

16th January 2018

Residents Line specialises in offering insurance for residential developments, such as blocks of flats. Their clients are offered access to a free property management portal, which property managers can use to manage all the information related to each property. The system is cloud-based so can be accessed from any online device.

Of course, we built the system. It allows users to maintain contact details for all their suppliers, set up key dates such as renewals for gas certificates, and store importance documents. The system is a kind of web application – accessible via any web browser – and is fully “responsive,” meaning it works perfectly on tablets and mobile devices, too.

Good design gets the job done.



16th February 2018

Keller have been a customer of ours for eighteen years now. We’ve produced a lot of marketing materials for the company over the years, and it’s been wonderful to work alongside another proper Coventry business for so long. Kellers offers ground engineering solutions to builders of all kinds – and their marketing materials matter.

Our job is to attract the eye of Keller’s clients and then keep their attention. Fundamentally, we create the space in which Keller’s messages can do their best work. That’s one reason we’re so pleased with how long we’ve been working with Keller: we spend a lot of time helping our clients build up lasting relationships with clients . . . so it’s nice to have one or two of our own, too!

Good design lasts. That’s why Keller has stuck around.

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