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27th July 2020

Dimakin is a multinational supplier of metal fabrication machinery with locations across six European countries. They pride themselves in providing innovative, high-quality machinery in order to help businesses improve their efficiencies.

Their e-commerce website was in major need of some TLC in order to bring it up to a standard that would reflect the company’s cutting-edge quality. Our WordPress and WooCommerce solution helped them achieve just that. The added luxury of Stripe Payment Integration now allows them to deal with all customers there and then, minimising user journey and – in turn – maximising sales. With the world constantly edging towards speedy service, this is just what they needed.


The Wave Booking System

21st May 2020

The Wave – a recently-built leisure centre based in Coventry – offers one of the most nationally renowned water park facilities in the country.  This water park facility is also the only activity at the leisure centre that is bookable via their custom-made website.

Our developers created The Wave’s booking system using the WooCommerce plugin. If you don’t know, WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin compatible with – and specifically made for – WordPress websites. Open-source plugins are built based on suggestions and contributions from developers all over the world, making them ever-improving.

eCommerce plugins can help turn an average website into a digital shop-front. And in this case, a water park reception area. After clicking ‘Book Tickets’, users are directed to a digital calendar where they can pick the date and time of their visit, as well as a ticket type. Then they input their personal details and are taken to a payment page, where they complete their transaction.

The Wave’s booking system is designed with the user in mind: it is simple and stripped back so that users are not confused or misinformed by an overload of information. But at the same time, their carefully crafted steps ensure that each user is taken on a well-thought-out journey through the booking process. And they receive just the right amount of information to avoid confusion and ensure a successful day of water-fun!

Good design is functional!


Robins & Day

9th January 2018

Robins & Day has twenty-nine Peugeot dealerships in the UK, making it the largest Peugeot dealer nationwide. Not only that, but the company maintains thirteen further Citroën sites. This physical presence is matched by their online footprint: the company has three thousand cars available online … and that means their website needs to not just look good but have the most robust architectures possible.

Both a fully-fledged brochure site and a means of searching for vehicles using a range of filters and search terms, the Robins & Day website needed to be a smooth, seamless experience. We understood how the company does business – its brand and tone but also how its customers behave and what they want – and built a site that was both easy to use and extremely powerful. We made it easy to update, too – the site updates automatically with their latest marketing activity, meaning maintaining the site is as seamless as browsing it.

Good design is both beautiful and functional – just ask Robins & Day.


The Wave

24th April 2019

The Wave makes waves: it’s a water park in the very heart of Coventry, and it’s state-of-the-art slides mean it’s one of the most exciting swimming facilities in the country right now. With sound and light shows accompanying a range of adrenaline-pumping plunges, The Wave offers a series of aquatic rides to remember. It’s also a fantastic all-round fitness facility, with a spa, weights and cardio machines, and much more.

Even better, the company behind The Wave is dedicated to encouraging the local community to make the most of the amazing resource on their doorstep. That’s where we came in: in amplifying their message. We put together a custom design for them that really expressed their unique brand – both professional and community-spirited, state-of-the-art and down-to-earth. We implemented this in a WordPress website that had the benefit of being super easy to update and maintain. Not only that, but we applied this great brand to a map illustration of the centre – so that visitors can check the website, collect their map … and feel instantly at home on every level.

Good design is inviting.


Six Day Series

6th April 2020

Six Day Series – a major cycling event that combines competitive cycling with a party atmosphere – originated in Britain and is now a major global highlight in every cycling enthusiast’s calendar. In fact, it is so popular, that The Madison – one of its biggest and oldest events – now forms part of the Olympic Games.

The sport was born out of a truly competitive spirit after a gentleman named David Stanton made a bet that he could cycle 1,000 miles in six days. To this day, this vigorous dynamic remains at the heart of Six Day Series, yet it is further amplified with its bustling atmosphere created by the DJ. It is a true celebration of vitality and life itself.

So, we were faced with the task of creating a website design that would live up to the brand’s reputation. Not an easy task, but you could say that their spirit was infectious and we were determined to get it right.

A mobile-first, fast, and responsive design was a given: in this day and age, those features are as essential as air. Especially for a brand that has a love for speed at its core. Its energetic and modern approach has been emphasized by the interactive and animated elements used throughout. And the visual focus of the website recreates the lively spectator experience of the event, giving users a glimpse into the atmosphere they can expect.

Good design is dynamic. 



17th May 2019

Stadium are a company with safety at their centre. They specialise in managing the sites and spaces in which crowds gather – football matches, music festivals, public events – so that they are as secure as attendees expect. From hostile vehicle management to traffic plans and stewarding, Stadium provides a raft of expert services – and highly trained staff – to help their clients devise and then implement safety plans at concerts, conferences and gatherings of all sorts.

Having just undergone a rebranding to celebrate their tenth anniversary, Stadium wanted to build a website that expressed their offering exactly. It also needed to be easy to use and navigate, offering their many different types of client easy access to the content most relevant to them. Stadium prides itself on offering bespoke plans tailored to every events’ needs – so that flexibility of offering is important to them. We built them a custom-designed WordPress website – easy to use and easy to update – and our copywriter ensured that the words on every page matched their branded tone of voice exactly.

Good design is personalised.


Ludlow Menswear

3rd April 2020

Ludlow Menswear is a leading formal menswear shop based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. They pride themselves in fitting their customers with the latest garments and providing bespoke customer experience: you can purchase a suit, get it fitted by the inhouse tailor, or you can simply rent one out. There’s plenty of options to suit everyone’s needs.  They’ve been on the market for almost 30 years, so they definitely know what their customers require.

To reflect Ludlow’s expertise in men’s formalwear we opted for a classic black and white design. And this works so well with their well-established brand. In fact, our custom-designed website is just the right fit for Ludlow and its classic image. The dark theme preserves the black-tie feel whilst the addition of contrasting interactive elements and navigation makes it modern and responsive. 

Most importantly, the mobile-first and responsive WordPress design echoes Ludlow’s adaptability and the reoccurring dark theme is totally in right now. This dapper combination helps their website stay “on top”, just like their garments do. 

Good design is bespoke.


Mana Spa

17th June 2019

The Mana Spa is a tranquil haven at the heart of one Coventry’s most exciting fitness centres and water parks. As an oasis of calm and wellness, it draws on Maori culture to emphasise spiritual energy and the oneness of body and mind. With world-leading treatments available and fantastic, harmonious spa rooms, Mana Spa is the place to go for restoring one’s health … and one’s “mana”.

In designing the spa’s website, our web developers and designers evoked the calm energy of the treatment room, ensuring that the site looked and functioned in ways that aligned with the brand’s messages – and appealed to its audiences. We supplied superb copywriting, too, so that the brand expressed itself in text as well as image. Based on a WordPress platform with web analytics built in, the site is easy to maintain and monitor, too – making it both a high-tech and intuitive tool for the team.

Good design achieves harmony.



17th June 2019

Go CV is a loyalty card designed to give the residents of Coventry great discounts on some of the city’s most exciting events, activities and attractions. It unlocks the city for the people who live there, throwing the doors wide open to a range of fantastic spaces. Ahead of Coventry’s year as the UK’s City of Culture in 2021, Go CV has arrived just in time.

We designed the Go CV website to be as vibrant, bright and accessible as the city and its attractions. With bespoke web design and web development applied to the project, the site looks great, and offers real ease of use – ideal for engaging people and getting them excited about the city. Its WordPress back-end makes the site easy to update – and we’ve installed web analytics, too, so that the team can keep track of what’s popular.

Good design gets people excited.


CV Lifestyles

10th May 2019

The CV Lifestyles brand is all about democratising high-end fitness. Their centres, each located in various areas of the city of Coventry, offer fantastic facilities with premium features; but each is also welcoming and encouraging, offering local people cost-effective ways of keeping healthy in stylish and state-of-the-art fashion.

That meant their website needed to walk a fine balance, too. The design needed to reflect the CV Lifestyle’s focus on new technology and its futuristic feel; but it was also important that the site felt approachable and straightforward, fun not fussy. We put together a custom design that accentuated colour and vibrancy, with a simple navigational tree that gets users to content quickly. Bespoke it may be, but even better the site is based on the WordPress platform – meaning it has a super-easy content management system so that CV Lifestyles can keep their customers as up-to-date as their equipment.

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