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Co-operative Funeral Care Brochure Design

Project Overview

Co-operative Funeral Care is one of the services run by Heart of England Co-operative Society. The society was established in 1844 with the aim to create a more democratic and socially-oriented operational model with all services run by its consumers. This was believed to align the welfare of the organisation with community values and promote equality throughout.

Almost 200 years on, community welfare and mutual respect are still at the forefront of the society’s priorities and services. This includes the local Co-operative Funeral Care in Coventry, which aims to take care of deceased community members and those closest to them with utmost respect and transparency. We did our best to preserve this holistic and honest approach when redesigning their resources: ensuring that the graphic design work we produced dealt appropriately with the sensitivity of the subject matter.

Our work comprised of an A4 brochure, an application form, a pocket folder and an A5 insert, with all pieces featuring a coherent lilac-blue design.

  • A4 brochure
  • Application form
  • Pocket folder
  • A5 insert