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Coventry City Of Culture

WordPress website with bespoke responsive design and page templates

Project Overview

Our home city of Coventry has won the title of UK City of Culture for 2021. We’re proud to have contributed to that successful bid by building the website which powered its successful campaign. Acting as a front window for Coventry, our impactful, engaging website was – if we do say so ourselves – the best of all the bid sites, and helped Coventry win that coveted title.

Coventry is a really exciting city: it’s diverse, youthful and dynamic population boasts a wealth of cultures which are brought together by art of all sorts. The city has had its fair share of hard times, but its civic tradition and sense of community has never bowed. That pride was baked into the bid – and therefore into our design. We understood exactly the face Coventry wanted to present the world, and crafted the digital space where they could do so.

Good design gets you noticed. Here’s to 2021!