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Project Overview

Every website should be different. Homes Lettings is a family-run business established in 2005, serving the landlords and tenants of Coventry, Nuneaton and Bedworth. For them, a website is about communicating their friendly, personalised approach.

That meant that producing the right web design was crucial. We specialise in creating crisp, clean and professional websites for our clients – but also ones which don’t stint on personality.

In addition, our web development team got cracking on Home Lettings’ search functionality – critical to their wider business, since it enables tenants and landlords alike to view and share properties of every description. On top of that, we implemented an easy-as-pie content management system so the Home Lettings team could keep their new site constantly up-to-date.

In Homes Lettings’ line of work, staying current – as well as approachable – is key. So we made sure their site was the perfect balance of accessible and functional. Fitting a site to a situation is what we do for all of our clients – but differently each time.