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Silson WordPress Website

Project Overview

Silson exist at the leading edge of technological innovation. Since 1994, they have been manufacturing dielectric substrates for x-ray microscopy. Back then, this was an emerging technology – and Silson were at the forefront of developing mediums thin enough for the new applications. In the decades since, Silson have continued to put themselves at the forefront of membrane development, constantly expanding and improving the material in which they work, from silicon nitride to graphene. With 800 customers in over 50 countries, Silson’s expertise and quality are widely recognised.

Naturally, then, the website needed a website that embodies those values – and that success. Operating in scientific markets means that Silson’s brand projects an almost clinical clarity, focusing on inspiring confidence and exhibiting expertise. The WordPress website we built for the company therefore emphasises content: clean lines and quick navigation, offering browsers instant access to detailed information. Silson can edit this content instantly via an intuitive content management system – and monitor which pages are most possible via the website analytics we set up for them.

Good design is crystal clear.