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Three Web Design Tips You Should Know For Traffic Monetisation

7th August 2019

Businesses invest in great web design because they believe in its capacity to convert site traffic into custom and sales. They’re right to do so: ecommerce sales totalled more than £138bn in 2018.

The retail share of ecommerce is growing every year. That’s testament enough to the potential of the web to power your profitability. Good web design is the necessary tool in ensuring that the site you build unlocks this capacity.

When it comes to designing a website that converts visitors into customers, there are tools that require careful deployment. A good designer is worth their weight in gold precisely because they understand how to build sites that don’t just look good – but do their job.

For example, here are three top web design tips for traffic monetisation:


  1. Impress with Your Design. Make your website different – people will pause over unique sites. We’re bombarded daily with familiar designs – and, if you are using a website builder, your website may look like many others due to standardised themes. Conversions happen when users give you their attention. Make the effort to be different.


  1. Sell Stock Content. Your website is your shop window. If graphic design, typography, iconography, or photography is what you do best, why not develop some products and start displaying them on your site? Make it easier for users to view – and buy – your products instantly.


  1. Provide Online Resources. People visit – and reward – sites that offer them something useful. For example, if you possess invaluable web design expertise, and have a talent of teaching others, think about setting up online courses. Information is valuable – you can sell it, or use to attract people to your actual products.


Converting visitors to your website into customers is all about creating great content and a superb user experience. The more they enjoy visiting your site, the more likely they are to convert – it’s not rocket science.


It is, though, web design. And good design requires a great designer … so drop us a line today.


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