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Web design & development agency in Coventry, West Midlands

With services in Manchester, Warwickshire, Northern Ireland

At Image+, we connect attractive graphic design with seamless function. Web design and web development aren't the only colourful services we provide on our menu of offerings.

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What we do

At Image+, we connect attractive graphic design with seamless function. Web design and web development aren't the only colourful services we provide on our menu of offerings.


Web Design

Websites these days are ten-a-penny. Yours needs to stand out. Great design is how.


Web Development

Got a problem? Web development could help solve it: code is your friend, and we’re on good terms with it.


WordPress Websites

It’s the most popular web platform in the world for a reason. We’re experts in why – and how.


School Websites

Your school website sets the tone. Turn to an agency that knows how to hit the right note.



More people than ever are shopping online. But your sales will be driven by good design. (Hi!)


Content Management Systems

A good CMS will make it as easy as pie to update your own website. Mm, pie.

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Sometimes we all need a helping hand. We’re on hand to be the people you call when you need support, not jargon.


Web & Mobile Apps

Mobile app design enables you to stay close to your customers at all times. In a good way.


Web Analytics

Monitor your online activity properly, and it’ll work hard for you. We’ll show you how.


Social Media

Good business has always been about relationships. Social media helps you build and enhance them.



Online advertising can be a great bet – but it’s also a complex minefield. We’ll show you the way through.


Local SEO

The internet is a global marketplace, but many of your clients are local. We’ll help you corner your closest market.



Google not showing you much love? We can change that – and attract the other search engines, too.


Digital Marketing

From content to copy, SEO to social, online marketing is multi-faceted. We can plan and undertake a complete campaign.


Email Marketing

We all get a lot of email. Your newsletters and email shots need to stand out to get read. We can do that.



Nothing is more important than great imagery. We can help you develop a portfolio of crisp, compelling photography.



Words are wondrous: when they’re done right, you can’t stop reading. Don’t write reams of text; craft compelling copy.


Promotional Items

Let people take a little bit of your business home with them, and make it beautiful. We’ve got the nous – and the novelties.


Electronic Brochures

Do you – or your clients – prefer to go paperless? So do we. Our electronic brochures are great to look at and beautiful to navigate.


Exhibition Banner Design

We get it: you need to stand out from the crowd. First step: get creative. Second step: go one step further. Ask us how.



Sometimes there’s still no substitute for the direct touch. We can ensure whatever you send is striking.


Brochure Design

When your clients flick through your brochure, they need to get to know you. Design does that; we do design.



Logos, colourways, typefaces, shapes: all these things can define your business. Don’t leave them to chance – leave them to us.

Our Portfolio

We are a creative design & development agency in Coventry, West Midlands

At Image+, we’ve undertaken hundreds of web design, brochure design, brand consultancy and app development projects which have increased the reach – and enhanced the sales – of our clients. We do so by being open, friendly and creative: we’ll conduct a conversation with you, and figure out how to build what you need.

We have a very talented team of experienced web designers and web developers who can work with an array of digital products. Not only can we build bespoke websites, but we can also provide various other digital services such as web app development, brochure design, branding, and much more. By working closely with our customers, we can ensure that we produce a graphic or website design that reflects your brand and your business.

Our clients are often based like us in Coventry, Warwickshire, Birmingham or Staffordshire – or dotted around the country and even abroad. Wherever they are, the customer really does lead every one of our projects. Whether website design, print design or otherwise, talking to you is just how we go about getting things done.

Web Design & Web Development in Coventry, Warwickshire, and the rest of the UK.

Exciting stuff: Due to growing demand, we have now set-up a web services branch in Manchester. 

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