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Nov 14

Tips for Single Page Web Designs

As mobile web browsing increasingly eclipses its desktop cousin, and as the trend for flatter navigation and design takes further hold, more and more we are seeing the rise of... More

Oct 30

Improving e-Commerce Product Page Design

On any ecommerce website, it is the product pages that are the most important. Yes, the homepage is key; and, sure, other content plays its part. But it is the... More

Oct 03

5 Tips for Designing Web Forms

The humble web form is often taken as simply a part of the online furniture. We use one most days – to send an email via a website, to register... More

Sep 17

5 Mistakes to Avoid in UI Design

We often focus on this blog about what you should do – the best ways to achieve success in web design. But sometimes our mistakes are our best teachers. It... More

Aug 27

Benefits of Good UI Design

The benefits of good UI design are almost innumerable. So important is UI design to the success of a website that we might argue it is the single most important... More

Aug 21

3 UX Design Trends for 2018

UX design is about ensuring your website works for your users. The interface through which each visitor to your site finds and interacts with your content and services is crucial:... More

Aug 07

Trendy Ways to Use Colour in your Web Design

Fashions are important. Not because we should slavishly follow them – a bit of individual spark, that certain something that makes us … well, us ... is fundamental to crafting... More

Jul 24

What are the Benefits of Using a Web Design & Development Agency?

There are as many ways to build a website as there are to skin the proverbial cat. You can develop your own, or use a service such as Wix; you... More

Jul 23

Why GDPR Matters – and What We’ve Done About It

Around the month of May, everyone’s inboxes were seemingly full with that stream of slightly begging emails from companies we might have bought something from ten years ago. “Let’s not... More

Jul 11

How Long Does Web Development Take?

Web design and development is a complicated process. That said, it needn’t take an age. Many businesses put off engaging with web development, however, because they become daunted by the... More

Jul 04

Digital Democracy: Putting Politics Online

Matt Western’s promise on his election literature was clear: ““I will work with all constituents to improve our community and not be afraid to speak out on your behalf.” It... More

Jun 27

Tips for Using Images Effectively in Web Design

Amongst the many tools open to a web designer to wow visitors to a given page, the humble image remains one of the most important. Though it has less technological... More

Jun 12

5 Website Navigation Trends of 2018

It can be easy to ignore the importance of navigation design. The other aspects of websites are so much more obvious and exciting: colours and shapes, fonts and photography. But... More

May 30

5 Ways to Improve Your Landing Page Conversions

Improving your landing page conversion rate is perhaps the single most important thing you can do to enhance your business’s performance online. Imagine a physical shop that was so uninspiring... More

May 16

Tips for a Great Responsive Web Design

One of the most important things you can do when building a new website is to commit to making it responsive. In 2018, people view websites on all sorts of... More

Apr 30

Tips for E-Commerce Product Photos

Imagery is at the heart of your website. At the dawn of the internet, the rule of thumb was to keep pictures to a minimum – dial-up internet connections (remember... More

Apr 16

5 Upcoming Web Design Trends of 2018

We’re already a quarter of the way into 2018, which is as good a time as any to pause, take stock and looking around us: what are the emerging web... More

Mar 26

How To Speed Up Your Website

We’re all very busy – modern life seems to move at an ever-increasing speed. The internet is often seen as part of this trend – an information superhighway that facilitates... More

Mar 19

5 Benefits of Using WordPress for your Business

WordPress is one of the most used web design platforms in the world. As of January 2018, nearly a third of the world’s top ten million websites were WordPress-based. In... More

Mar 13

5 Tips for Improving Your Website Design

Tips for improving your website design might at first glance seem too good to be true: like every other “weird trick” online – from how to lose weight to how... More

Mar 06

How To Ensure Consistency in Web Design

Ensuring consistency in web design is crucial. Indeed, any area of design can succeed or fail on the level of how well its various elements sit with each other –... More

Feb 27

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Web Hosting?

Whether it is time to upgrade your web hosting may not seem like as exciting a question as which colour to use on your homepage, or what exciting functionality you... More

Feb 20

How Do Vibrant Colours Benefit UI Design?

Vibrant colours benefit UI design in more ways than you might think. Of course, decades of the colour response theory have demonstrated how important colour can be too conditioning and... More

Feb 13

Coventry: City of Culture 2021 … and Us

As Coventry is named City of Culture 2021, here in the Image+ offices we’re wearing huge smiles (and possibly a couple of party hats). We’re proud of our Coventry roots... More

Feb 06

How Can You Make Your Website Stand Out?

Making your website stand out is ever more difficult. In today’s forest of web pages, how can your single tree ever hope to stand out from the crowd? What was... More

Jan 30

The Benefits of “Breadcrumbs”

Breadcrumbs are more useful than you think. Not only are they an essential ingredient in veggie burgers, Katsu curry and fish fingers … They can help you find your way... More

Jan 23

3 Great Techniques for Engaging Typefaces

Typefaces can be the poor man of web design. There’s so much else that’s novel or exciting about digital platforms – animation! video! parallax scrolling! – that the humble font... More

Jan 16

Why Responsive Web Design is Important

Responsive web design is important. If you take only one sentence away from this blog post, let that be it: in today’s online environment, ensuring that your website can respond... More

Jan 09

How Psychology is Important in UX Design

Psychology is important to UX design. This may not seem an immediately obvious truth since Freud or Jung might seem distant relatives of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. The fact... More

Jan 01

Top 5 UX Design Tips for Dropdown Menus

The dropdown menu has long been a venerable entry in the web developer’s toolkit. It is so widely used because it can be terribly useful: the dropdown menu tucks away... More