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Jun 30

How Google Ads Can Help Your Business

Google is everywhere. The search giant’s services are so ubiquitous, in fact, that it can be easy to take them for granted – or even overlook them! We all click... More

May 30

What is GA4? The New Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most important – and powerful – tools in the arsenal of online businesses. In the digital realm data is king: knowing who is viewing... More

Feb 18

Does a Four Day Week Work?

Over the recent months there has been a lot of talk about introducing the 4 day week in the United Kingdom. All around the world more businesses are trialling and... More

Jan 26

Website, Web App or Mobile App? How To Choose The Best For Your Business

Websites, web apps and mobile apps are all – of course – key digital platforms for one business or another. As online activity increasingly dominates economic activity more generally, these... More

Jan 13

Website Design Trends for 2022

Website design has trends: 2022 will be no different. We’ve written before about how important it is for web designers – and design agencies more widely – to “scan the... More

Dec 08

Benefits of Good UI Design

What is UI Design? UI design, also known as user interface design, is a design process used to build digital interfaces for websites, applications and software. UI design is where... More

Oct 05

Getting Back Down to Business, On Top of Snowdon

From the moment we stepped onto the coach we were asking ourselves ‘Why on earth did we agree to do this?’, knowing that we were in for an interesting day... More

Aug 27

How to choose the best 404 error page design for your website

Not all web design is glamorous. As beautiful as a website can be, some elements of any site can seem more workaday by comparison. But that doesn’t mean they are... More

Jul 26

How To Design An Accessible Website – And Why It Matters

Designing and building a website is hard. We know that – and it’s why we recommend most businesses hire professionals to do it for them. There are a lot of... More

Jun 11

Biggest Website Design Trends Of 2021 (So Far)

Now we’re at the mid-point of the year, it’s a good moment to sit back and reflect on where web design trends have taken us so far. We posted back... More

May 28

Is There Such A Thing As An Environmentally Sustainable Website Design?

Sustainability isn’t a buzzword. As the global economy emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, sustainability looks set to be a key plan of recovery. Many advanced economies are looking to the... More

Apr 05

How can CRO and UX be used together to create an effective web design?

CRO and UX are – or should be – bosom buddies. They go together like peas and carrots. They’re a dynamic duo. In short, take together they’re your website’s secret... More

Mar 08

Wwwomen Through History

It's International Women's Day, and if that's not an excuse for a history lesson, we don't know what is. The history of the internet and digital technology is full of... More

Feb 08

Why You Should Keep Your WordPress Site Up To Date – And How!

Had you just launched a brand new website and found it hard work? Or maybe you have an established website, and it’s doing well for you? In either situation, it’s... More

Jan 25

How to get quality traffic to my website

A website is all well and good, but people need to see it. Even more than that, the people that are likely to convert into customers need to see it.... More

Jan 01

The Year In Review: What We’ve Learnt

New Year is a time to reflect and learn. But 2020 was such a huge year in so many ways that we’ll probably be figuring out what it all means... More

Dec 23

Christmas Opening Times

Christmas is almost here, and preparations are underway in the office. We've compiled a list of our Christmas opening times so you know when you can reach us: Date Opening... More

Dec 18

How is marketing different for B2B and B2C audience?

Marketing is only effective as its fitness for purpose. That’s an obvious point to make, perhaps, but it also bears repeating: there are enough examples of marketing going wrong, or... More

Nov 30

What Is User Journey Mapping – and How to Do it Right

It can be too easy to design a website in a vacuum. Not literally – that would actually be pretty hard – but figuratively. In the sense that a site... More

Nov 16

Web design trends for 2021

You don’t need us to tell you that 2020 has been a difficult year. But for web design, it has in some ways been a strong year, too: as stay-in-place... More

Nov 02

What are the benefits of using automation for digital marketing?

Done right, digital marketing takes time. That’s why automation can be so important: it makes critical tasks easier and more streamlined. What is digital marketing automation? Simple: it’s the suite... More

Oct 19

How can professional web design aid with other marketing strategies?

Anything that incorporates the word ‘design’ can be read by some as being about looks alone: visual flair, a certain style, and aesthetic. But design isn’t a pretty façade –... More

Oct 05

How Important Are Core Web Vitals for SEO?

The work of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is never done. Good SEO requires constant monitoring - and tinkering - of pages. This is because search engines - and especially, of... More

Sep 21

E-commerce website redesign process

No website lasts forever. With technology and user expectations always advancing, every site will need a facelift eventually. When it comes to e-commerce websites, this can be especially the case:... More

Sep 07

Web Design Tips for a PPC Landing Page

PPC (pay per click) is one of the most common digital marketing strategies used by businesses across the world. What makes it so popular and sought after is that companies... More

Aug 24

Benefits of Email Marketing for Your Business

Email marketing is not dead - we covered this the other week. There are plenty of ways to ensure that your email marketing is engaging and has great ROI -... More

Aug 10

Reasons Why You Should Have An eCommerce Website

In the time of coronavirus, perhaps there’s no need to emphasise how important eCommerce is to any business. With the restrictions placed upon us by the need to restrict the... More

Aug 05

25 Years of Image Plus – Interview with Alan Hartin

This year is a big one for us all at Image+. No, it's not because we get to work from home in our PJs - although this has been a... More

Jul 27

Website Navigation Best Practices

Few things are as important to an effective website as its navigation. That means menus and structure, buttons and breadcrumbs: essentially the architecture of how a user can quickly and... More

Jul 13

Top 5 Tips for Taking Your Business’ Web Design to the Next Level

Does your business have a professionally designed website? Well then, congratulations! You are one step ahead of a lot of your competitors and one step closer to success. The online... More

Jun 29

The Rise of Vertical Videos on Social Media

Vertical videos are the new must-have on social media. They will increase your views, your engagements – and your ROI. In other words, vertical videos have become the default mode... More

Jun 15

Why use Social Media Marketing for Business?

The days when it was necessary to advocate for social media marketing are surely behind us. If there is any business anywhere that now needs to be convinced that social... More

Jun 08

Top 5 Benefits of Content Marketing

Content marketing offers huge potential for businesses of all sizes to engage and convert audiences in ways that benefit everyone. By providing useful, attractive information to an audience, a business... More

May 26

Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation

Marketing is something that is a vital part of any business’s success. And today, with businesses operating from home or being temporarily closed, digital marketing has been a vital tool... More

May 11

Email Marketing Trends

In the age of social marketing, email can feel unglamorous: all those Facebook campaigns or YouTube ads might seem like a more exciting place to locate your marketing spend. The... More

May 04

The Importance of Favicons – And How To Get Them Right

Take a look at the Bookmarks bar in your browser. Next to the each of the websites you’ve marked to return to later, there will be a small square image.... More

Apr 27

Top Four Favourite WordPress Plugins to Boost your SEO

We love WordPress: it’s intuitive, flexible, and endlessly upgradeable. In many ways, it’s the ideal Content Management System for your website: really powerful and full of customisation potential, but also... More

Apr 17

5 Reasons WooCommerce is best for your eCommerce Website

Around thirty-five per cent of all websites online are based on the WordPress platform. This dominant position for the content management system (CMS) is the result of the ease with... More

Apr 03

Tailored Websites Made to Measure

We have just launched a newly tailored website for Ludlow Menswear, UK’s leading men’s occasion-wear retailer, based in Belfast. Ludlow stock a wide range of suits and formal garments from... More

Mar 19

COVID-19 Response

At Image+, we will be implementing some operational changes in response to the government recommendations regarding the coronavirus outbreak.  First and foremost, the majority of our staff will now be... More

Feb 14

Web Design Trends We Adore

Design is a major factor of any website; it can be a “make or break” in terms of attracting leads and securing big clients.  The look and feel of your... More

Jan 29

Robins & Day Excellence Awards

We are proud to have sponsored an award at this year's Robins & Day Excellence Awards. The event showcased the company's top automotive dealers, celebrating staff performance over the past... More

Jan 08

5 Essential UI Design Tips

Great User Interface (UI) design is the difference between a successful site and a less successful one. Your photos can be crisp, your copy relevant; the colours can be vibrant... More

Dec 11

Moving In Virtuous Circles: Co-Working With Other Agencies

Co-working has always been at the heart of what we do at Image+. Conversation simply powers how we do things. We talk with our clients about their needs, and with... More

Dec 06

Image+ launches The Wave

Adding to our ongoing success was the recent launch of a brand-new and sleek web design for The Wave.  Over the past few months we have been working with CV... More

Dec 03

5 Tips For Designing A Site Search Form

Search is critical to the modern web – the larger it has become, the more essential search engines like Google and Bing have made themselves to users.   The same... More

Nov 20

How To Enhance Your Web Design With UX Writing

That hero image looks beautiful; all that video content is really exciting. And your design? Just fizzing with visual flare. That means you have everything in place, right? Wrong. Because,... More

Nov 06

Decision Fatigue and How It Affects Conversions

We all have our limits. When it comes to making choices, we can reach them surprisingly quickly. Each of us makes countless decisions every day, often subconsciously. Online, the choices... More

Oct 08

Image+ Hosts Macmillan Coffee Morning

Designing websites and developing mobile apps can be thirsty work. That’s why we admit to being partial to a good coffee here at Image+ Towers. And it’s even better when... More

Oct 02

3 Benefits of Having a Responsive Website

The days when mobile was a niche means of browsing the world wide web are over. More than half – around fifty-one per cent – of all global internet users... More

Sep 17

How Graphic Design Can Enhance Your Website

Everyone loves a beautiful website. Graphic design is that aspect of web development that focuses on the visual: attractive interfaces, engaging imagery, impactful colours. Of course, great graphic design can... More

Aug 21

Top Four Wireframe Tools That Web Designers Should Be Using

When it comes to web design, wireframes are an essential building block of a quality end product. Why? Because they are how designers begin to map out how your site... More

Aug 07

Three Web Design Tips You Should Know For Traffic Monetisation

Businesses invest in great web design because they believe in its capacity to convert site traffic into custom and sales. They’re right to do so: ecommerce sales totalled more than... More

Aug 04

How to Use Graphic Design to Generate Website Traffic

When many people think of ‘design’, they think of aesthetics: how pretty a thing is, how it looks and how attractive it seems to those who use it. In truth,... More

Jul 23

Top Social Media Websites For Web Designers

Web development can be a lonely job – all that coding and screen-watching can take its toll, even in an office as open-plan and friendly as ours. How do web... More

Jul 10

Four Reasons Why You Should Implement Infographics in Web Design

Infographics are great. In the digital age, information and data power so much of our lives – and yet can be difficult to visualise. Tracking the flow of data can... More

Jun 11

Four Graphic Design Trends To Look Out For in 2019

Get your seat at the side of the catwalk: it’s time to trend-spot again. We won’t be assessing this year’s must-have hem-line or lapel-width, though; instead, we’re focused on trends... More

May 28

Freelancer Vs Web Agency: Which Should I Choose?

Not all websites are created equal. Each has their own story, and their own path from concept to launch. Most significantly, who builds a website can have a big impact... More

Apr 09

4 Common Website Fails and How to Avoid Them

We’re not sure quite when the word “fail” became a noun as well as a verb, but that particular usage is now endemic. A “fail” – as distinct from “to... More

Mar 26

5 Essential Web Design Trends For 2019

Like the proverbial rolling stone, web design gathers no moss: it’s always moving. The best designers are the ones who keep tabs on the trends, so that they can employ... More

Mar 06

What Makes A Website Unsuccessful?

“What makes a website unsuccessful” is a fairly downbeat topic for a blog post. We try to keep things positive here and describe how to do things well. But the... More

Feb 19

What Makes A Successful Logo?

A successful logo is worth a great deal more than its weight in gold. Logos being often small and usually simple, they are easy to overlook. But get your logo... More

Feb 01


In the post-Christmas slump of January, it's not everyone that finds themselves happy to have doubled in size.   All those Terry's chocolate oranges might be sources of regret now... More

Jan 21

Designing a Stunning Brochure

Because this is an online blog, we write a lot here about designing for the web – what interfaces to use, how to handle menus, what responsive design means. But... More

Dec 21

The Basics of Business Card Design

In the famous scene from American Psycho, Patrick Bateman places all his faith in a business card’s capacity to impress. Sitting opposite his great rival, Van Patten, the 1980s money... More

Dec 11

Things to Consider for a Portfolio Website

The rise of the portfolio website has gone hand in hand with the web’s increasing capacity for delivering high-resolution visual content quickly and efficiently. This is great news for businesses... More

Nov 27

Tips & Advice for Small Business Website Design

No single website, of course, is precisely the same. Each site has a different purpose and a different audience, and that means that each need to be different if they... More

Nov 14

Tips for Single Page Web Designs

As mobile web browsing increasingly eclipses its desktop cousin, and as the trend for flatter navigation and design takes further hold, more and more we are seeing the rise of... More

Oct 30

Improving e-Commerce Product Page Design

On any ecommerce website, it is the product pages that are the most important. Yes, the homepage is key; and, sure, other content plays its part. But it is the... More

Oct 03

5 Tips for Designing Web Forms

The humble web form is often taken as simply a part of the online furniture. We use one most days – to send an email via a website, to register... More

Sep 17

5 Mistakes to Avoid in UI Design

We often focus on this blog about what you should do – the best ways to achieve success in web design. But sometimes our mistakes are our best teachers. It... More

Aug 21

3 UX Design Trends for 2018

UX design is about ensuring your website works for your users. The interface through which each visitor to your site finds and interacts with your content and services is crucial:... More

Aug 07

Trendy Ways to Use Colour in your Web Design

Fashions are important. Not because we should slavishly follow them – a bit of individual spark, that certain something that makes us … well, us ... is fundamental to crafting... More

Jul 24

What are the Benefits of Using a Web Design & Development Agency?

There are as many ways to build a website as there are to skin the proverbial cat. You can develop your own, or use a service such as Wix; you... More

Jul 23

Why GDPR Matters – and What We’ve Done About It

Around the month of May, everyone’s inboxes were seemingly full with that stream of slightly begging emails from companies we might have bought something from ten years ago. “Let’s not... More

Jul 11

How Long Does Web Development Take?

Web design and development is a complicated process. That said, it needn’t take an age. Many businesses put off engaging with web development, however, because they become daunted by the... More

Jul 04

Digital Democracy: Putting Politics Online

Matt Western’s promise on his election literature was clear: ““I will work with all constituents to improve our community and not be afraid to speak out on your behalf.” It... More

Jun 27

Tips for Using Images Effectively in Web Design

Amongst the many tools open to a web designer to wow visitors to a given page, the humble image remains one of the most important. Though it has less technological... More

Jun 12

5 Website Navigation Trends of 2018

It can be easy to ignore the importance of navigation design. The other aspects of websites are so much more obvious and exciting: colours and shapes, fonts and photography. But... More

May 30

5 Ways to Improve Your Landing Page Conversions

Improving your landing page conversion rate is perhaps the single most important thing you can do to enhance your business’s performance online. Imagine a physical shop that was so uninspiring... More

May 16

Tips for a Great Responsive Web Design

One of the most important things you can do when building a new website is to commit to making it responsive. In 2018, people view websites on all sorts of... More

Apr 30

Tips for E-Commerce Product Photos

Imagery is at the heart of your website. At the dawn of the internet, the rule of thumb was to keep pictures to a minimum – dial-up internet connections (remember... More

Apr 16

5 Upcoming Web Design Trends of 2018

We’re already a quarter of the way into 2018, which is as good a time as any to pause, take stock and looking around us: what are the emerging web... More

Mar 26

How To Speed Up Your Website

We’re all very busy – modern life seems to move at an ever-increasing speed. The internet is often seen as part of this trend – an information superhighway that facilitates... More

Mar 19

5 Benefits of Using WordPress for your Business

WordPress is one of the most used web design platforms in the world. As of January 2018, nearly a third of the world’s top ten million websites were WordPress-based. In... More

Mar 13

5 Tips for Improving Your Website Design

Tips for improving your website design might at first glance seem too good to be true: like every other “weird trick” online – from how to lose weight to how... More

Mar 06

How To Ensure Consistency in Web Design

Ensuring consistency in web design is crucial. Indeed, any area of design can succeed or fail on the level of how well its various elements sit with each other –... More

Feb 27

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Web Hosting?

Whether it is time to upgrade your web hosting may not seem like as exciting a question as which colour to use on your homepage, or what exciting functionality you... More

Feb 20

How Do Vibrant Colours Benefit UI Design?

Vibrant colours benefit UI design in more ways than you might think. Of course, decades of the colour response theory have demonstrated how important colour can be too conditioning and... More

Feb 13

Coventry: City of Culture 2021 … and Us

As Coventry is named City of Culture 2021, here in the Image+ offices we’re wearing huge smiles (and possibly a couple of party hats). We’re proud of our Coventry roots... More

Feb 06

How Can You Make Your Website Stand Out?

Making your website stand out is ever more difficult. In today’s forest of web pages, how can your single tree ever hope to stand out from the crowd? What was... More

Jan 30

The Benefits of “Breadcrumbs”

Breadcrumbs are more useful than you think. Not only are they an essential ingredient in veggie burgers, Katsu curry and fish fingers … They can help you find your way... More

Jan 23

3 Great Techniques for Engaging Typefaces

Typefaces can be the poor man of web design. There’s so much else that’s novel or exciting about digital platforms – animation! video! parallax scrolling! – that the humble font... More

Jan 16

Why Responsive Web Design is Important

Responsive web design is important. If you take only one sentence away from this blog post, let that be it: in today’s online environment, ensuring that your website can respond... More

Jan 09

How Psychology is Important in UX Design

Psychology is important to UX design. This may not seem an immediately obvious truth since Freud or Jung might seem distant relatives of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. But all branches... More

Jan 01

Top 5 UX Design Tips for a Dropdown Menu

The dropdown menu has long been a venerable entry in the web developer’s toolkit. It is so widely used because it can be terribly useful: the dropdown menu tucks away... More