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Baker & Co

Web & Mobile App

Project Overview

For a surveyor, any site is a treasure trove of information. The app we developed for Baker & Co provided a simple, intuitive means to identify and record every salient item and datapoint. The app enables users to take photographs, mark them appropriately, and annotate each image in order to highlight issues and areas of interest. Interactive and intuitive, the app is like a clipboard – only better.
The app ensures that every survey becomes consistent across the organisation – because the app controls the format in which information is recorded, stored and communicated. With all data stored and searchable in the app’s back-end system, the company’s surveys have become more usable – and useful – than ever. In general, surveyors have much less writing to do – making them more productive and freeing them up for what they’re really good at.

Good design frees you up to do the good stuff.