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Brindley Twist Tafft & James LLP

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Project Overview

Websites are important. But so is their ranking. After all, how useful is any marketing material if no one is going to see it? That’s why we built not one but two websites for the legal firm Brindley, Twist, Tafft & James – and then set to optimising them for search engines straight away. In their case, building a beautiful, functional website was only step one; step two was making sure that the company started receiving serious traffic.

Why two sites? Because the firm has a key specialism in the area of medical negligence, and so it made sense to provide those customers with more tailored, more detailed content – and also to build a separate digital presence that could be optimised specifically for the keyphrases those customers would use. We don’t optimise once and then leave well alone, either – our SEO is an ongoing service, and BTTJ are doing very well, moving from the third page of Google to the third result.

Good design matters most when it attracts attention – that’s where SEO comes in.

We started working with Image+ when we needed 2 new websites.  Right from the outset we found them very easy to work with.  They were extremely flexible in their approach and excellent at listening to and understanding our requirements.  Our timescales for the websites’ delivery were very short but Image+ succeeded in delivering for us with the end result exceeding our expectations.

Vikki Walsh – Brindley Twist Tafft & James LLP