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Project Overview

Ludlow Menswear is a leading formal menswear shop based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. They pride themselves in fitting their customers with the latest garments and providing bespoke customer experience: you can purchase a suit, get it fitted by the inhouse tailor, or you can simply rent one out. There’s plenty of options to suit everyone’s needs.  They’ve been on the market for almost 30 years, so they definitely know what their customers require.

To reflect Ludlow’s expertise in men’s formalwear we opted for a classic black and white design. And this works so well with their well-established brand. In fact, our custom-designed website is just the right fit for Ludlow and its classic image. The dark theme preserves the black-tie feel whilst the addition of contrasting interactive elements and navigation makes it modern and responsive. 

Most importantly, the mobile-first and responsive WordPress design echoes Ludlow’s adaptability and the reoccurring dark theme is totally in right now. This dapper combination helps their website stay “on top”, just like their garments do. 

Good design is bespoke.