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Signal Centre

WordPress website with bespoke responsive design and page templates

Project Overview

For many businesses, their results are only as good as their intelligence. We’re not talking about IQ – we mean what you know about your market. Signal Centre is a company that helps other businesses develop their know-how. Originally founded in 2007 as Price Information Advantage Ltd., Signal Centre focuses on providing high quality, technically-based trade ideas to fund managers, hedge funds and central banks.  Their goal now is to become a global leader in the field.

In 2018, PIA rebranded – and we were there to help. Under their new name of Signal Centre, they wanted to project confidence and reliability, as well as technical expertise and creative thinking. We built them a responsive WordPress website, to enable full mobile display and easy ongoing maintenance; we produced bespoke, custom designs that expressed the company exactly; and even put together some custom animations that made their website sing. In other words, we helped Signal Centre explain itself to the world – and present itself as the technical analysis powerhouse it is.

Good design is great ideas.