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Six Day Series

WordPress website with bespoke responsive design and page templates

Project Overview

Six Day Series – a major cycling event that combines competitive cycling with a party atmosphere – originated in Britain and is now a major global highlight in every cycling enthusiast’s calendar. In fact, it is so popular, that The Madison – one of its biggest and oldest events – now forms part of the Olympic Games.

The sport was born out of a truly competitive spirit after a gentleman named David Stanton made a bet that he could cycle 1,000 miles in six days. To this day, this vigorous dynamic remains at the heart of Six Day Series, yet it is further amplified with its bustling atmosphere created by the DJ. It is a true celebration of vitality and life itself.

So, we were faced with the task of creating a website design that would live up to the brand’s reputation. Not an easy task, but you could say that their spirit was infectious and we were determined to get it right.

A mobile-first, fast, and responsive design was a given: in this day and age, those features are as essential as air. Especially for a brand that has a love for speed at its core. Its energetic and modern approach has been emphasized by the interactive and animated elements used throughout. And the visual focus of the website recreates the lively spectator experience of the event, giving users a glimpse into the atmosphere they can expect.

Good design is dynamic.