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Project Overview

Mortgages shouldn’t be frightening. They are for most people the single largest loan they will ever take out. But they also unlock property ownership – and change lives. Xact Mortgages aims to offer its customers a personalised, approachable mortgage service which pays close attention to their particular circumstances – and finds the product that is perfect for them. In other words, it seeks to make finance less forbidding.

Xact’s website had to mirror that more individual approach, without losing the air of clarity and care that people want from their financial advisers. We produced a custom design that included vivid hues of lavender to soften the blues and greys of classic corporate branding – and including animations, too, so that the site had a playful element of movement. With hero photography that focused on the human, the site was completed with both Analytics and Content Management System built in … meaning that pages are easy to update, and traffic a cinch to track.

Good design is personal.