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Dashboard, web & mobile apps

Project Overview

Image+ has been providing Hammonds with web, digital media and print solutions for years now. Our work has included the development of an Intranet; a file management solution; several customer web portals; an online shop for home furniture, furnishings and accessories; an online bedroom order processing solution; electronic brochures and many printed materials.

Hammonds offers kitchens which are precisely fitted to a customer’s home. The bespoke furniture and fittings Hammonds provides are known for their quality, and the company is renowned for designing wall-to-wall kitchens that bestow a real “wow” factor on a home. Their digital resources need to be just as impressive, and similarly focused on customer needs: their app, for instance, transformed a time-consuming, form-filled ordering process into one which took up just a few moments, and was logged with the fitters instantly.

Good design, in other words, is matches and enhances an existing brand.