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Mozzo Coffee

Web & Mobile App

Project Overview

Mozzo coffee isn’t your average bean roaster. They source some of the finest coffees available, roasting them all expertly and then distributing them to some of the UK’s best hospitality venues and businesses. When they provide their coffee, however, they don’t simply walk away: rather, they return to a client’s site regularly, sometimes as often as once a month, to check their machines and ensure baristas are extracting the best cup of joe possible.

That attention to detail means two things for their digital presence: one, their website needs to look sharp and clean, but also playful and interesting (just like their coffee); two, they needed a clever digital means of tracking all those inspections. That’s where our app designers came in: we put together an app which Mozzo’s inspectors now use to record all of the many measurements they take on a site visit, but which can also track performance during the intervening weeks. This data is gathered together centrally and analysed thoroughly to improve the Mozzo experience even further.

Good design doesn’t sit to one side of the “real” world – it’s part of it. Mozzo’s app and website are at the beating heart of their business.