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Project Overview

No one school is the same, and their websites should reflect that difference. The ethos and character of a school matters – and if those qualities don’t carry through into their online platform, then somewhere along the way the web design process has failed. When we build the website for Romero Catholic Academy, we kept that rule in mind at all times – and consequently we’ve produced a site which caters for their every need.

Romero Catholic Academy provides Catholic education to young people aged between three and nineteen in Coventry. That age range is huge, and educationally makes a series of demands – but so, too, does it ask a series of things of web design. By approaching each school as different, and taking the time to talk to the client and learn about their priorities, we build school websites that reflect a school properly, and work for it perfectly.

Good design is made especially for you.

We worked with Image+ after they were successful in winning our tender to convert ten individual school websites into a consistent look and feel for our new Romero Academy. We were delighted with the options provided and the skill sets of their account management and technical teams. We can’t recommend them highly enough.

Patrick Taggart – Romero Mac Catholic Academy