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Project Overview

Xact Homes is an estate agent committed to completely changing how houses are marketed, and how estate agents are perceived. The firm focuses on providing realistic, accurate information to vendors – and on continuing that partnership right through to exchange of contracts. It’s a personalised, individual approach to house sales. It transforms the quality of the experience and gets great results. From sales to lettings, Xact are real experts.

Consequently, their site had to be impactful while also looking crisp: Xact are doing things differently, but their focus is always on providing professional service. That’s why we produced a custom design for them that was bold but also sober, inspiring confidence while also marking them out. Based on a WordPress platform, the site can be updated easily by the in-house team via an intuitive CMS system – crucial for a real estate site. Analytics are built in so that Xact can gather as plentiful data about their site as they do for the properties they sell.

Good design is inspirational.